Monica Adams of KSDK Today in Louis

chose Midwest Builders & Stonecrafters

“Where do I even begin when I try to explain just how thrilled we were with the work that Midwest Pool Builders did at our house?”  We had Terry and Debra come out to look at our yard and discuss doing a decorative fire pit and seating area.  They are so genuine and warm and dedicated to walking you through the process so you can truly visualize how wonderful your outdoor living space could be!

We met a few times and discussed many options that led to us not only being able to do a fire pit but a full blown waterfall leading in to it with space left over to do a beautiful pergola kitchenette area!  The attention to detail that Terry and Debra have is second to none.

They are meticulous about their work being exactly as you visualize and they work harder than any company I have ever seen.  It doesn’t matter if it is below freezing or scorching hot they deliver!

here were many instances they would show up bundled up working on our project on days I swore they would stay home.  They were constantly communicating with my husband and myself to ensure our dreams for our “Outdoor Oasis” (that is what I am calling it now) were realized!  They were very thorough on design choice, colors, how it would flow in our backyard and ensuring it would be a Wow factor when family and friends come over.

We were away on vacation and we came back to a wonderful surprise in one of the posts that is part of the Pergola.  We agreed to make two of them look like trees and Terry and Debra, after getting to know our love story, decided to put a heart with our names in it!!!! It blew us away and is so romantic. 

So many of our guests have commented on how perfect it is for us!

They don’t just do a job; they care and get to know you as a person so that your project matches your personality!

They really are top notch and deserve well above a five star rating!  My husband is very meticulous in the work he does around the house so I was worried the project might not live up to his standards!  Well guess what?  He was extremely impressed. I have talked about their work in the project but what I haven’t mentioned which impresses me even more is their clean up each day!

So many contractors will leave their work area dirty and claim they will clean up when the work is done and then that never happens.  Terry and Debra and their crew not only did as they said they would but went above and beyond power washing our entire deck area in the event any debris may have gotten on anything else in our outdoor living space!  Can you say Wow?  These two are the real deal!

I would highly recommend having Midwest do your project whether it be big or small! They are quality designers with great craftsmanship and I will be telling people about them for years to come!  We are so excited to entertain this spring and summer and already have all of our family and friends talking about how we have the perfect entertaining home!  We loved our home to begin with but now it is like we escape every day life when we drive up our driveway and have the most beautiful view of our Oasis!  Thank you Terry and Debra for bringing vacation to our lives every day!